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I agree with every complaint on here. This is a scam.

I called, waiting on hold for about 20 minutes before I got a hold of anyone. When I finally got through to someone, the lady was completely rude. I told her that any legitimate company would have a "terms and conditions" box that you have to check saying that you've read and understand. She's all "well, thats your perogative".

After that, I said I wanted to speak to her manager, she's all "they're going to say the same thing as me and you'll have to wait on hold for 30 minutes", I said "fine, I'll wait on hold for 30 minutes, I want to speak to your manager". She's all "fine" and put me on hold, which I was on for about 2 minutes before they disconnected me. So, WHATEVER! I filed a dispute with my credit union, which they were really cool about and I got the money credited back in my account while they look into it.

We'll see if I get my money back.


Monetary Loss: $89.

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We appreciate forums such as Complaints Board that allow for customers of all products to vent or state their beliefs concerning a given product. We look at it as a great opportunity for us to share our vision and see it only as a positive. We understand your issue and acknowledge there have been others who have shared your same frustration. We recognize we are not perfect, but we are always seeking perfection.

We would like to take a moment and outline our whole marketing concept and emphasize it is very clearly outlined in our Terms and Conditions and made readily available and we actually require persons to verify it has been read BEFORE one chooses to take our sample. We offer a tremendously healthy product, in a trial size, at a greatly reduced price, in order to allow more people an opportunity to try our healthy product that would otherwise never had had the chance. In doing so, our intent is that when an individual tries our sample, they can make a decision as to whether or not they would like to continue to receive the product on a monthly basis. If they like the product, they do nothing and the product continues to come each month. If they choose they no longer want the product, no problem, all they have to do is go to the web address on the bottle ( and simply cancel the product. This usually takes less than 5 minutes.

We strive to do everything possible to make the product cancellation experience as easy and fast as possible for our customers. In the spirit of good customer relations, we have created a specific avenue for all who wish to give their feedback directly to us by visiting our Customer Support website and clicking on the "We Want to Hear From You" button. We hope this helps to clarify any misconceptions and invite any and all to visit our Customer Support website (, available 24/7/365 a week, for more information.

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