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I agreed to the a trial bottle which i knew the condition of it. But when i recieved my first bottle only 4 days later a charge for another bottle went on my account.

May i saywhich i didn't ever receive! I had many phone calls that ended with no help *** ppl who gave me the round about. I thin get someone in December that tells me to send back the bottle to the company well i paid the postage to do so along with insurance. I just made a call last night(1/5/2010) regarding the bottle i had sent to them.

They told me that they had not receive a bottle i had sent and that the 15days were up in august. Well the person that i talked to in dec told me to send it back! They also told me that i had to take up the postage loss with my postal company! I did call and they said that is was acai berry tropics responability to do that!

But i did, and found that the package made it to delaware and that a person from the company had signed for it! So they straight out lied to me! Companies can't be run like this! People don't have the means to be screwed over like this!

This pill didn't even work, they didn't even give me time to open the bottle before they charged me for another, which i didn't get ( nor do i want) .

If the company doesn't want to deal with me i will go to ever consumer report place, and report what they have done! I want My Money Back they took out of my account!

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There a consumer protection Bureau in deleaware that is where i filed my suit and got everything back. I just mailed them the empty bottle back.

I think i sent it regristred mail.. I think better business... bureau i can't look and see if i still have infro..

it was settled right away. i got shipping and handle and cost of pills back to


I got taken last year on this. I got the trial & within few days a 3 bottle shipment & a $79.00 charge.

It is set up as an autoship. I called and canceled, BUT there was another $78.00 charge on the next statement WITHOUT any shipment. I called to get a credit & they claimed they could not find my order - no record of me. Well, then why the charge.

I wrote to them and to my credit card company. The credit card company says yes will investigate & then sends letter wanting more info. I gave them all the info I had and gave to them again. So then credit card company says they only had 120 days to resolve the dispute and charge would stand.

Uh? I have never had this happen before, but I have heard from others that the credit card companies are doing this routinely now & thus acting on behalf of the fraudulent company and not the consumer. I was stuck paying for something I did not order or receive unless I want to file a lawsuit in small claims court. This is why they do it.

They know we are not going to go that far.

BEWARE all online sales offers. I will not order anything every again that is advertised in the banner ads.


Go online and report them to the Deptpartment of Justice in Delaware. I did and acia berry reimbused my $4.95 and the $88.64.


Who cares about the correct spelling. Not everyone is perfect.

Her concerns are real, have a little respect. I tried to contact the Better Business Bureau about this company.

They couldn't do anything about it because they only have a cyber address and not physical address. $80 is a lot of money especially when you don't have any extra to spend foolishly.

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #102098

Liars... not "liers". You're an ***.

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