Udall, Kansas

I called into get this product and it was processed on 2-18-2009 paid s&h for 1.99. I did not receive the product until 2-27-2009.

You were to have 14 days to try the product then send back if you weren't satisfied the rest of the product. I didn't have anytime to try the product because I didn't receive it in time so I sent the remaining pills back then on 3-5-2009 they debited my account for 79.96.

I just got online to go their web site and I seen where so many are having the same problems with this company. They should be shut down.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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you guys when you do online order please be professional, read every deatils and don't just blame the company. customer's are provided T&C for them to read.. good for you because you want a free thing...


I got into the fraud too. got charged 79.96 4.99 and another 85$ charge

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