I am more than pissed I'm livid. What was suppose to be a free trial cost me 150.00.

I called them they said if you had read the terms you would have seen that you were to cancell your account in two weeks if you were unsatisified. I never even seen the terms, you should even be allowed to go through the ordering process untill you put your little check mark on the terms, or better yet put it in big bold letters so a person could see it. If they really were a reputable company they wouldn't try and hide these things. The real kicker is I haven't even tried these products yet, but from all the complaints I'm seeing I'm am more than positive that it doesn't work.

Live & learn from your mistakes. Happy New Year!

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any one in the uk call 0800 433 4817 and cancell within 2 weeks as you will get robbed. and cancel your card as well for safty.

Beware of amerian air head on customer services. I get a feling this is just 1 woman sitting in tiny room just answering the phone


What number did you guys call to cancel the order because every number i try says its invalid or that i should redial the number but it never works.


I have had the same issue - they charged me $197 x 2. I called the credit card company and the company for a refund.

I received a confirmation number for a refund and they have up to 5 business days to process a refund by law.

I will keep you posted on what happens.

They have to be careful not to lose their merchant account and they will try to charge people because they assume that 9 times out of 10 people don't look at what their bank statements. GOOD LUCK!


I got scammed also. Paid for the shipping but they charged me the 99.95 the same day, I canceled 6 days later and they still charged me.

Lanham, Maryland, United States #230354

I had almost the same thing happen to me. I just happen to read "the fine print" Before the two weeks ended,so I did cancel it out and also blocked them from removing any money from my checking account.

I might add the "fine print' was so small I needed a magnifying glass to read it. It was also after reading two very long boring pages that I found where it said how much they would be debiting my account if I didn't cancell within 2 weeks!!

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