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NEW FORM OF FRAUD - ACAI BERRY - FREE SAMPLESMy mother always taught me to try to learn from someone else's mistakes and stop reinventing the wheel.We are all being deluged with emails about the Acai berry and these free samples - just pay postage. Okay, one dummy, step up to plate.Naive and trusting, I ordered my one week free sample for $3.99 hoping to see a wonderful difference in my life and go on to a lifetime supply of this fountain of youth and health.I took the week's supply...felt no different...and said "oh well...I've done worse things with $3.99."I know you're waiting for the other show to hit the ground and it comes!I get a package in the mail with a bottle of 60 pills. I go on line and look at my credit card and they have charged my card an additional $74.99!!!!!!First I called the c/c company and am disputing the charge but I know I will lose. I contacted Performance Products USA at and was refered to their webpage buried among millions with a click on accept terms which has a negative marketing plan and they will continue to hit my card for $74.99 until I opt out of the program.They also refuse to take it back "unopened" and could care less about anything I try to do. Because of their terms, no matter how well they hid them on their website and how unethical opt out programs are, the credit company will deny my dispute.So, do your friends and associates and family members a HUGE favor...copy and send them this information so they do not fall into the same trap I did...let them learn their lessons the cheap and easy lesson was far too expensive.And by forwarding this to all who will listen, you will be helping me get the word out to these scam artists, that we are not going to take this entrapment lying down. Send to everyone you know....PLEASE?

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please help!! just ordered before reading these complaint!! how do i stop order??


I had huge charges monthly ($139, $127) but no product. The phone numbers supplied are bogus.

And they charge under a bogus name.

I turned them in to the bank and had to cancel my card. I also had cancelled my account, but got the $127 charge the next month.


I was lucky, and wised up enough to cancel my card after the first unexpected charge of $3.99! What makes the whole thing worse is all the news cast are fake!!

take a look for yourself, scroll to the very bottom and actually read the terms and conditions, it says "people, and names are not real'. Or better yet try and click on the local business, world new, or traffic on those sites!! They don't go anywhere. A few of the sites are saying they are or

These 'fake' news sites are the first to pop up when your research acai berry scams..... Be careful, and smart.

They appear real, but are not. The company leanspa is part of the whole scam the news sites will link you to them!

It appears I should proof read things before sending them. Try, "and make a complaint"....

Sorry for the sloppyness and spelling errors.... :roll
Being a retired policeman I suggest everyone contact their State's attorney general office a make a complaint. I was lucky, I saw the scam before I made any moves.

It all goes back to what good old Father taught us, if it sounds to good to be true, well, you know the rest. :)
:grin :zzz :sigh ;) :cry :cry :? :roll

Thank you for the information. I normally don't learn from other people's mistakes, but I'll take your word for it and make this a first.

I am mostly mad at myself for being so foolish and falling for this scam! I paid the $4.95 for the "free sample" and by the end of the week my card was charged almost $90 for another months supply which i had never authorizr]ed AND this is before I even received the sample!!

The company is called: Advance Pure.

Beware!!! I am currently disputing the charges with my bank, wish me luck :(

This IS a SCAM. I am unable to "contact" anyone in order to cancel my order after paying $103 that was charged to my card only 4 days after the first $3.99 FREE order???

I had to cancel my card to stop the additional charges.

Anyone know who I can contact to report this SCAM.

These people need to be put out of business and serve some jail time!!! I live on a fixed income and cannot afford anyone charging my credit card when I do not like the product anyway.


Unbelievable! My husband (who never uses the computer) got an email to his private account (again - doesn't use it - we just set it up as a convenience) confirming his order of Acai Berry!

What? Then in my research I see that the mailing address is his business address which we NEVER use for anything - plus - they had my private credit card number - my own card. He doesn't have access to it! How the heck did they get that information?

This is more than a scam - they are somehow stealing people's information/identity! Why isn't anything being done about this?


I took a very short lived job for a company in Jacksonville, FL doing customer service for companies such as Acai Berry, what they do to customers is despicable and i quit within a week. They get you hooked with the free trial offer 2.99 or 3.99 for shipping and handling for a free short supply of the product.

The minute they have your credit card they are like vultures.

If you call and demand to have your account cancelled, it is not done, if you call back and ask for a supervisor, the employees are not allowed to hand you over to a supervisor, you will be told that there is not one available at the moment.

Your card will continue to be hit month after month. We were literally told that cancellation of an account or order is not an option.


Continue to watch your statements! I too was sucked into this scam. I called and they cancelled my account (supposedly) and reimbursed me 1/2 the cost.

a month later i am still receiving charges on my account $1.19, etc. I call and they reimburse me and assure that my account is cancelled.

Now 2 months later i get a charge fromo Profit Vault for $9.76! I call the 800 number - it is Diet Max!!! They give me another number to call and cancel. I never ever ordered anyting through Profit Vault. Woman says that they have many different programs. They must just give your credit card # out and they automatically charge it!!


Acai free samples, go to your bank, cancel your credit card for a new one, tell the bank about the scam, this is fraud and they will try to get your money back, its big buisiness, then everyone go to the berry site as often as poss, as they have to pay for every click we make, happy clicking.


Yeah, me too. why are these companies still allowed to shaft people?.

I was charged 99cents on my credit card with the understanding that I had 2 wks. to try or return unused product. product didn't even arrive in two wks. by that time my card was charged $99.00.

I was piously told that it was my fault for not asking for an extension of the trial time! What a croc! Thanks to Montana DA.

I eventually got my money back. But it was a battle.


I will add to your complaint. I also read about the trial for $1.19 on the Internet as a Channel 6 person, Julie, tried to expose the diet and she lost many pounds.

The extra trick was there is now a rebate for the initial payment of $99.96 and in the fine print of the Rebate Form, it says "to qualify for this rebat you must .... and you must have completed the full purchase of the .....which is two payments of $99.96. So this notice is after I had already signed up.

So buyer beware!!! Nothing is a "trial price" or free.


I to was tricked into the rebate scam, had to cancel my credit card, was put on hold again and again and when I finally did get through the person could barely speak english, had a *** of a time getting it canceled.What a dumb thing for me to do, I will never order online again


happened to me to. Ordered a free trial on july 19, just paid $4.95 in shipping and handling.

They arrived on August 2. When I got my credit card statement, they had charged my card an additional $119.99 already on july 22, before I even got the product.


What a scam , no rebate,phoney web site ,800 number ,puts you on hold,till the next day,then they hang up,no custermer service,had to cancell my card,if they call me ,they'll be placed on hold.


One of the ones who got scammed was an old heroin addict who stole from everyone including me... do I go on line making videos warning everyone about him, crying around....

he's now got cancer and was going for the acai cleanse... He's writing over the internet & making videos about how he was scammed, but the guy was a master scammer himself in his youth. He could dish it out but can't take it. Instant karma got him!

Here's for the little old lady whose purse he stole... and for all the others he wronged.

Sorry for the rest of you honest folks. But I can't help but feel he got his just desserts.


thank u for your advice everybody

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