Willcox, Arizona
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Shame on Dr.Oz of Channel 3.

He has put his name on a product that is very probably bogus. OK - maybe the African Mango does work - but why does it have to be connected with the Probiotixhelps.com cleanse? I was told it was $4.95 but was charged $39.95. This smacks of the Acai Berry capsules which don't help you lose weight at all.

Shame on you, Dr. Oz for endorsing a product that doesn't work (Doctors in the USA say it doesn't).

Shouldn't you look into this matter before signing your name to something like this?I am angry at being charged more than they said!

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Dr. Oz never endorsed it. In fact I heard he and Oprah are trying to sue those companies for using their names and faces to endorse.

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