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I signed up for weather news and got channel 5 and absolutely and stupidly missed the stuff around the site as I was looking for weather. I started to read the "advertorial"(a label I missed at the very top of the web page) and as soon as they mentioned brand names in a "report" I knew it was a hoax.

I tried clicking on other categories listed at the top of the web page: government, sports, business, etc., and nothing happened; I was still stuck on the acai full blown advertisement.

The whole thing is a scam and is probably dangerous.

When will America wake up and realize that this kind of stuff is an absolute rip off.

Our educational system is failing us. It used to teach critical thinking and there were courses which included intelligent consumption and how to recognize false advertising and the difference between journalism and adverjournalism.

Please make the presence of your website more well known. This is what we need to read, not the garbage which teases us and entices us like a cheap ***. We do not need to be wasting our money on being screwed over. Chuck Weller, Brookings, Oregon

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The same thing happened to me. I guess a pop up came up and I was like "wow this sounds pretty awesome" so I purchased it.

Because I couldn't click on any of the other links though, because I thought the website wasn't working for some reason, I went onto the actual health website. I immediately tuned into this blog and called the companies and cancelled the product. They cancelled with no problems.

With the Java Cleanse you have to talk to the representative to cancel. My husband said that next time I need to go to a local GNC and not trust silly websites :)

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