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Advance Cleanse is a giant rip off. The product itself is ok but it is a major internet scam.

I saw what appeared to be an article investigating the truth about Acai Berries. Got a 14 day free trial just pay shipping(this is where they get an account #)(which started the minute they answered the phone) a week later it arrives and a week later they charge my account $149.95 to become a member which allows me to buy their product.

Called customer service, they can canel but not refund my money gave me a email address. Scam

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This is hilarious! Rainmaker is an old heroin addict and ex-*** who spent several years in prison for armed robbery, robbing little old ladies' purses, forging payroll checks and robbing jewelers and home burgularies in California.

And here he is complaining that he got ripped off Acai Berry!!!!!! HILARIOUS!

Go check him out: In his own words: I am an ex-***..ex heroin addict, exwelfare recipient...

LOL that karma caught up with him. How does it feel, Ray?


OK ***.... you bought it...

You ain't dead. shut up! You a HUGE cry baby and wimp, Rainmakr44.

Just admit... you *** and you got had!


so im not the only 1


ALWAYS....ALWAYS....ALWAYS Use a pre-paid credit card for purchases such as this. I have one that I use only for purchases like this.

That way they can't charge me for anything other than the price advertised not for their membership. NEVER....NEVER....NEVER Use your own credit/debit card.....once they get an authorization, it's over....they can pretty much charge whatever they want!


This was suppose to be paying for a postage fee to try the product but (they charged me 2 lots of $104 plus the postage. What is the "free" part of this trial?)

I got my bank involved, awaiting for the bank to finish their investigations.



well l am also one who got ripped off by this company buyer beware. l am so glad l used my credit card because after sending in the proper paperwork it took about a wekk to get it resolved l do not owe the CC any money now.

l have the product and will not return it to them. hope all this teaches them a lesson. They hope that u will not read the agreement. lmediately after ordering the product they charged my CC 106.90 for a one moth free supply and then the second mont as well and if l were not satisfied l could return the unused product.

well l reported it to my CC company and within a week they had resolved the issue obviously the have had complaints b/4 . funny isnt it now we dont see any ads on the internet for their product.

well l just talked to them again and after a bit he hung up on me but l let the bastards know they r running a scam. please ppl be aware of these ppl do ur homework b/4 signing up


if you are thinking of buying cleanse aware PLEASE PLEASE don't. you will not get your money back no matter what you say over the phone.

i had to call my bank and ask them to fight for me to get my money back into my account. i am still waiting to hear if i'll get my money back. these people are stealing other peoples money. what a big big shame.

i knew better ... DON'T DO IT.


Surely there is something we as consumers can do about these Acai and Colon Cleanse people. I realised I was going to be ripped off hours after signing up for a free trial because I read these reviews.

Within hours I sent a cancellation to them - well within my cooling off period. I phoned but there was no facility for leaving a message.

They charged me 2 lots of $104 plus the postage. What is the "free" part of this trial?


cleanse aware is another rip off. they advertise getting a trial of their produce for just one half shipping cost.

but in small print say you get menbership in some club but never tell you anything about the club or how to get to it.

3 days later they charge you 99.99 and you still don't know anything about this except you are waiting for product. product arrive 3 weeks later but no return policy or anything.


acai optimum ripped me off 99.96 as a result of my 3 year old son hitting an enter butten on my keyboard. despite the fact that i have called and called and told them yelled at them i did not auterize this i do not want this they mailed it any way i returned the product like i said i did not want it here i am 2 months later and have yet to be refunded the 99.96 that i didnt autherize to be taken out of my bank acct. they say i agreed to terms and conditions despite the fact i had called with in 5 mins and told them no i did not i just want my money backk they got the *** pills back y cant i have my money that i never autherized back terms and conditions i suposedly agreed to whats the world comeing to when no one has any morals left


File a complaint with your BBB - here is the company info

Business Name: Sterling Management Solutions, LLC.

Acai Optimum

Calais Naturals, LLC

Joieva, LLC

Joliese Tan


Business Address: 7102 W. Roosevelt Street, #100

Phoenix, AZ 85043

See the location on a Mapquest Map

See the location on a Google Map

Original Business Start Date: 4/22/2009

Local Business Start Date: 4/22/2009

Type of Entity: Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Incorporated: 2009 in DE

Principal: Mike Skupin

Phone Number: (877) 251-1289

(866) 319-9880

(866) 955-7596


The guy with cancer was a heroin addict... and a major thief too...

you don't know how ridiculous it is to see him crying around about fraud when he stole from EVERYONE!!! a little old lady whose door he knocked on, a family with crippled children on welfare, young women and their families, 'friends', other druggies, people trying to make an honest living... he did one payroll check ripoff and forging alone for $3K from honest working people in a startup company (and he's crying about $170)...

It's great when karma takes care of people like him. It's just disgusting to see a person whining because they were a victim, when they made victims of so many others.



My video link didn't go through. Go to YouTube..type in "Rain44Maker" and my Video complaint will show up.


I have a Terminal cancer, and was desperate for energy. I weighed 185lbs at diagnoses, now weigh 119lbs.

I signed up for a 30 day "FREE TRIAL" and asked the representative several times if there were any hidden charges. He assured me I would only be billed $6 dollars for shipping. I received my statement today which had billed me #169.95.

I'm on SDS and cannot afford this charge. I made a Video, and plan on fighting these scam artists, who prey on desperate people.



after doing my research and read all the negative reviews about acai berry and advanced cleanse scam,I decided to order mine,I waited for them to charge my account for shipping and handling, then I immediately called my bank and reported that my debit card got stolen, so immediately canceled my card and a wk later I received a new card,didn't get extra charge from any of those scammers, anyway am happy, tho their product dnt work being using it for a week now,nothing to show for it,I stopped having bowel movement from taking the pills and sometimes feel so bloated. It's not worth it,tho they didn't get a chance to rip me off cuz I out smarted them. Am way smarter than them,


They are definately rip-off companies - been charged and I'll persue them from Australia. They would have been shut down long ago if they were operating here.


This company is deceptive. They offer a free trial of Acai Optimum Supplement and Colon Cleanse as a diet aid.

They charge you $1.99 and $.99 for each S&H. After getting your credit card or debit card #, there is a suppossed clause about membership that is buried in the agreement online, which I never saw or agreed to, unless you cancel in 14 days you will be charged $79.98. The problem is there is no reminder, follow up email or any info in the box with the free trail?? for the supplements.

Within 14 days you get a charge of $79.98 to the card that is NON-REFUNDABLE. Thank goodness Chase bank was notified within an hour of posting the charges and refunded my money and hopefully did not pay Acai Optimum aka. Sterling Solutions. Customer service is rude, uncooperative and like a boiler room operation.

This business is ripping off alot of people.

A report to the Arizona States Attorney General, Terry Goddard, may get this company shut down.Also a complaint to the Phoenix Better Business Bureau has been filed. It is a disgrace to the city of Phoenix and the State of Arizona.


Spirit 1, did you call or email Advanced Cleanse to tell them what you were doing?

This company is the biggest SCAM. I was charged $169.95 and $79.98!!!

Any reputable company would take their product back and have someone in the US to speak with. I was even charged a foreign transaction fee by Citibank. Citibank was no help!! They would not dispute charge because they obviously have had so many customers get duped and cannot get the money back because of the no return policy.

They are literally stealing money from people. DO NOT ORDER ADVANCED CLEANSE OR ACAI OPTIMUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Identical experience today with Advanced Cleanse. This is a total scam, pure and simple.

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