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I ordered this Acai Berry Diet offer 3 months ago from that fake website, showing a fake "Julie Miller" from the Ch. 5 or Ch.

6 fake "news" report. They never even sent my shipment, and the number to cancel is not even working anymore, and my credit card HAS been charged. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! They give the amazing Acai Berry fruit a bad name.

I'm sure there are legit Acai Berry supplement pills out there, I just don't know of any yet. I regulary just drink the Acai Berry juice from Genesis, that stuff is the best!

They sell it at Walmart. I just don't feel it helps me lose weight, but it does boost your immune, energy & makes you feel "full", naturally.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I was dupped also and had a complaint filed against them. I found the pills at my local pharmacy (rite aid/cvs/duane reed) any of those carry a supply of them

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